Announcement: Updating Recipes for the “First Chefs” Exhibition at the Folger Shakespeare Library

This summer I tested recipes for braised beef, hot chocolate, marmalade, and seed cake in my sweltering Philadelphia kitchen. I was developing updated recipes for the First Chefs exhibition that opens at the Folger Shakespeare library later this month. My recipes will be available on recipe cards at the exhibition and I’ll also be giving a public lecture. I’m excited to share these recipes here and on the Shakespeare and Beyond blog in the coming months! Stay tuned. As always, thank you for reading and cooking.

EXHIBITION: First Chefs: Fame and Foodways from Britain to the Americas. Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DC. January 19-March 31, 2019. Pick up recipe cards with my updated historical recipes when you visit the exhibition! Links to posts about each recipe will be up on Cooking in the Archives and Shakespeare and Beyond in the coming months.

LECTURE: “Cooking in the Archives: Developing Recipes for the First Chefs Exhibition.” The Folger Shakespeare Library. Washington, DC. February 2019. This lecture is part of the Free Folger Friday series. Information and tickets here.

6 thoughts on “Announcement: Updating Recipes for the “First Chefs” Exhibition at the Folger Shakespeare Library

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